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  • Norwell Roberts in 1968
    Norwell Lionel Roberts on point duty near Charing Cross Station in London in 1968. He […]
  • Knocker-up in 1929
    A ‘Knocker-up’ in London in 1929. Before alarm clocks, people were paid to wake clients […]
  • Great Gray Owl in Flight
    Made in October 2020 Copyright: © Vishal Subramanyan A great gray owl in flight hunting […]
  • ‘Hi! :)’
    ‘When you look up and it looks down. :)’ Copyright: © Ildikó Fedák 2022
  • Moulin Rouge, 1914
    The original Moulin Rouge in Paris, France in 1914.
  • Harold Agnew during the Manhattan-project in 1945
    One of the scientists of the Manhattan-project, the atomic physicist, Harold Agnew keeping the plutonium […]

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